How to Wear a Side Part Like A Celeb

Victoria Moorhouse
victoria beckham side part

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When it comes to the most popular red carpet hairstyle, the deep side part has zero competition. Countless celebrities show up to awards shows wearing this look, and considering it’s ultra-flattering and easy to create on every hair length, we really don’t blame them. Our DIY attempts to recreate the style with combs and cans of hairspray have been mediocre at best, so we decided to turn to hairstylist Ken Paves (Victoria Beckham‘s go-to guy) to get a breakdown on the side part and why our favorite stars favor it so much.

Side parts flatter your features.
If you want to show off your eyes, create your part at the highest point at the arch of your brows. Paves explains this will draw attention to that general area, as well as add intensity to your makeup. And we have to admit, he’s right. It makes celebrities’ cat-eyes, smokey shadows, and even red lipstick that much more noticeable. In fact, he says that deep side parts can be thought of as another accessory.

Tuck your hair behind your ear.
This little move, courtesy of Paves, will flatter your jawline and cheekbones and goes well with shoulder-length hair.

It’s a no-fail option with Hollywood waves.
While this style goes with everything from ponytails to updos, waves take the cake. “A side part with glamorous cascading waves is timeless and looks great on everyone,” notes Paves. “It is a great look for women who want to have a romantic look or show off their long locks.” So you pretty much know what you’re wearing on date-night, right?

First, blowout your hair.
Grab your hair-dryer and start blowing out your hair. Add volume to your hair by using a styling product that creates fullness—Paves suggests You Are Beautiful Volumizing Whip ($16, set the look with a flexible hairspray.

Create the part when your hair is warm.
Paves says to create the side part—wherever that may be—with your comb while your hair is still warm right after the blowout. “For celeb-status side part, point the part toward the highest part of your eyebrow,” he says. “Also, drape your hair over your hairline if you want to add another level of ‘wow’ to your part.”

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