Quiz: What’s Your Decorating Personality?

Leah Bourne


You have your personal style down pact, but at times feel a bit lost when it comes to decorating your home? Sometimes the best starting point is honing in on exactly what your interior decor personality is to begin with, and then going from there.

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Take our quiz to decode your decorating personality once and for all, and then get down to transforming your home into the interior design paradise that it deserves to be.

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1. My interior design philosophy is…

a. Trends are for fashion, not for my home.

b. Go pink, or go home.

c. Less is more!

d. Plan nothing! My home is based around my travels around the world.

e. You can never be too rich or have too much gold!

f. Why isn’t it still the 1960s?

2. If my decorating personality was a movie it would be….

a. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

b. “Legally Blonde”

c. “The Darjeeling Limited”

d. “Gravity”

e. “Dangerous Liaisons”

f. “A Single Man”

3. The first thing I bought for my first home was…

a. A bed skirt

b. A canopy bed

c. A white sectional

d. A vintage trunk

e. Crown moldings

f. An Eames chair

4. No room is complete without….

a. Drapes

b. Pink peonies

c. A flat screen TV

d. A gallery wall of art

e. A chandelier

f. A bar cart

5. My favorite spring fashion trend is…

a. The shirt dress

b. Pastels

c. Sheer clothes

d. Graphic prints

e. Metallics

f. Tea-length skirts

6. If I could splurge on one thing for my home it would be….

a. A Hermès Avalon blanket

b. Coco Chanel’s couch

c. Lacquer black floors

d. A cowhide rug

e. Louis XIV’s throne

f. A Rothko painting

7. I get inspired for my home at….

a. My grandparents’ home

b. On Pinterest

c. Browsing through Ligne Roset

d. At flea markets

e. While at Versailles

f. Watching “Mad Men”

8. My favorite city is…

a. Boston

b. Paris

c. Stockholm

d. Berlin

e. Las Vegas

f. London

9. The color I gravitate towards the most is….

a. Navy blue

b. Pink

c. Black

d. Prints and I can’t pick just one

e. Burnt orange

10. I have an interior design crush on….

a. Aerin Lauder

b. Lauren Conrad

c. Alexander Wang

d. Sienna Miller

e. Liberace

f. Jonathan Adler


Photo: Via Vmac & Cheese

If you answered mostly A’s you are: Traditionalist

You might follow fashion trends, but you think the way you decorate your home should be long-lasting. Bed-skirts, drapes, wallpaper, and perfectly pressed white linens are the name of the game for you. Take time when you are decorating, because you’ll have the pieces you scoop up for a lifetime.


Photo: Via This Old House

If you answered mostly B’s you are: Girly Glam

You still get heart palpitations while watching the opening scene of “Clueless.” You think there is no such thing as too much pink. And you love your furniture quilted, just like your favorite Chanel bag. Comfort is also important to you—you want a bed that you can curl up in after a long day, and a warm, inviting living room, perfect for throwing champagne and cupcake bashes.


Photo: Via Hosowo

If you answered mostly C’s you are: A Minimalist

Less is more to you as far as your interior design style goes. The world may be hectic, and crazy, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be. Clean lines, very few knickknacks (if any), and a color palette of black and white is really what you are after.


Photo: Via Styleite

If you answered mostly D’s you are: A Bohemian

Nothing about your home is too thought out, and practically ever piece has a story of where it came from. You would much rather pick up a chair from a Warsaw flea market than a standard catalogue, still, while your home might be a little all over the place, it has style in spades.


Photo: Via Wikipedia

If you answered most E’s you are: Rococo Luxe

You visited Versailles when you were in high school, and thought: “Why can’t I live here?” The richer, the more gilded, and the more luxurious, the better. Your home might not be an actual castle, but you think it should look like one.


Photo: Via Rethink the Sink

If you answered mostly F’s you are: Retro

When you remodeled your kitchen you installed retro mint green appliances. You spent hours styling your bar cart. And you wish your life was an episode of “Mad Men.”