Declare You’re Single Without Saying A Word

Caroline Murray
relationship bracelets.jpg

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Ever wished you could just strut over to that gorgeous guy you’ve been ogling all night, and tell him you’re single? That could be a little awkward, so now there is a way to announce your single-dom without having to say a word.

Do Women Ogle More Than Men?

Our friends at Refinery 29 stumbled across a site that sells–wait for it–relationship status bracelets! It’s Livestrong jewelry meets Facebook lingo. For $10, Buump will send you a pack of 10 colorful, plastic bracelets that say things like “Status: Single,” “Looking for: Friendship,” or “Looking for: Whatever I can get.” If that doesn’t work, you could always try one of their t-shirts that read the same thing. If this doesn’t land you the creepy man of your nightmares, I don’t know what will!

Date Night Hairstyles

I’ve heard of wearing your heart on sleeve, but heart on your wrist? That’s a whole new spin on meeting a mate. Would you announce your relationship status on a bracelet?

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