Debby Ryan Just Chopped Her Hair Into A Mullet & Fans Are Loving It

Elizabeth Denton
Debby Ryan Just Chopped Her Hair Into A Mullet & Fans Are Loving It
Photo: AP Images.

She’s not the first and she won’t be the last. But Debby Ryan’s mullet haircut might be the most surprising. “Also cut a bunch of hair off my head last month or whenever,” the actress wrote on Instagram showing off her much shorter cut with choppy fringe and longer layers in the back. She also shared a sped-up video of the haircut process and it’s fascinating to see strands just continue to fall.

Hairstylist Kristin Ess was responsible for the cut, as well as Ryan’s ever-changing hair colors. She acknowledged that fact on Instagram. “Girl, after all those projects and all those 180° hair changes, that hair probably could have cut itself 😂 thank you for trusting me 🖤,” she said. Ryan obviously loves her new look. “Thanks for fielding a year’s worth of erratic texts and calendar invites and turning them into this. she’s finally here with us,” she wrote back.

Famous friends are losing it over 2020’s version of the mullet. “You’re also so cool – sheesh,” said Demi Lovato, who just cut off all her hair, too! “This shag is cool as hell,” wrote Alison Brie, saying what we’re all thinking.

We’re not sure if Ryan has yet another project which calls for this new look or she’s just finally doing something for herself. We’ve seen her switch up her Disney Channel-esque red hair to platinum blonde, purple, and all shades of brunette. Somehow, she pulls off each one. But there’s something about this extremely cool 2020 mullet that feels like a grown-up version of Debby Ryan, someone that’s really coming into herself and that’s fun to see.

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