Dear Dana: What’s the New Spin on the Ombré Hair Trend?

Dana Ionato
Dear Dana, 
I love my ombré hair, but I’ve had it so long that I need a bit of a change. What’s a new spin I can put on the ombré hair trend? 

Right now, there’s an ombré craze happening, and women with two different types of hair are getting the style. Blondes are applying darker color to their roots and mid-section of hair. By painting the tips, the color line is softened and the bottom is brightened up for a bigger contrast. Last, gloss is applied to hair and  voila!  — a blonde turned ombré.

For brunettes getting ombré, sometimes hair isn’t dark enough at the roots and base to create enough contrast, depending on how drastic the desired ombré. For this, begin by deepening the color with a semi-permanent dye, then rinse. Highlight the ends, hairline, front pieces and few pieces in the crown to blend the color beautifully. Caution for highlighting brown hair (especially the first time): the color will be very warm, so be sure to put on a gloss to neutralize the color and cancel out any unwanted orange.

The new spin on ombré is something I call Combré, or copper ombré (the word “Combré” invented by yours truly). By doing ombré with a rich, copper brown, the hair transitions to a lighter, copper golden, and comes out completely gorgeous. Believe it or not, the science behind a good ombré coloring all goes back to the color theory. There are a ton of variations on copper tones, from cool copper which has more blue and is ideal for pink skin tones, to red copper for a deep, chestnut brown hair color. For blondes, I recommend a golden copper color for an easy ombré transition.

Hair colorist Dana Ionato graduated college with a degree in public relations and relocated to New York City to further her studies at the Aveda Institute with hopes of eventually opening her own spa. Planning to immerse herself in the business side of the beauty industry, it was actually the creative component that sparked Dana’s interest and she quickly developed a passion for the art and science of coloring. Dana apprenticed at Rita Hazan where she assisted top colorists and worked with celebrities such as Jessica SimpsonJennifer Lopez and Britney SpearsUnder the tutelage of one of the French master colorists, Dana perfected the art of Balayage, a modern “hair painting” technique that allows her to produce natural, dimensional color without foils. With her cheery disposition and her remarkable attention to detail, Dana is the colorist to watch at Sally Hershberger Downtown.

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