What’s The Deal With Dry Shampoo?

Wesley O'Meara
Dear Wesley, 
What’s the deal with dry shampoo? Is it good for your hair and how am I supposed to use it?!

Dry shampoo is GREAT and one of my favorite products that I use on clients almost every day! It absorbs oil in between shampoos and is a great way to get some more time out of your blowout. I think it isn’t bad or good for the hair. I recommend it to clients because over washing the hair can be harsh on your scalp. There are a few different types of dry shampoo you can use.

Kloraine makes a great one that is in powder form and Oribe Dry Texture spray has one in powder now. Both are great for giving the hair a little extra body and a quick little way to liven up limp hair. To use it, spray at the root section by section and then massage your scalp with your finger tips. If you are using any dry shampoo that comes in powder form, I suggest shaking the hair out to remove any excess powder that can be visible.

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