Day to Evening Hair in 10 Minutes Flat


For the women who have ever used the back of their iPod as a mirror to sweep on mascara or a webcam to apply blush, you know what it takes to primp yourself in ten minutes flat. However, even the most resourceful beauty expert resorts to a ponytail when it comes to doing your hair for after work drinks in a flash.

If you’re looking for a more polished and unique look, EJ Hausman of Cutler Salon shares with us her favorite “I’m-already-late-for-happy-hour” look. Check out these simple steps to achieving an amazing up-do that is simple enough for you to do in the office bathroom.

Step 1:
Take an inch-thick piece of hair from the crown of the head. Pull the section of hair straight, and lightly backcomb the hair with long, slow strokes — finish by pressing the comb against your head at the root. Women shy away from backcombing because they’re concerned about damaging their hair. To safely backcomb your hair, keep your comb at a 45 degree angle facing upwards.

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Step 2:
Backcomb one-inch sections of the hair around the crown until you achieve your desired volume. Then gently comb over the entire section of the backcombed hair to hide the teasing that you just did.

Step 3:
Gently comb your hair back to smooth out any of the other sections so that they look properly in place; then pull your hair into a low ponytail.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Ponytail!

Step 4:
Twist your hair into a half bun, leaving the ends out. Secure the half bun with a ponytail holder and gently pull at the bun to create an interesting shape.

Step 5:
Finish your look with hairspray to secure the look.

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