Game Changer: An All-in-One Hair Product That Turns Frazzled Hair into Silk

Rachel Krause

Davines-ArticleI can’t say definitively what constitutes “good hair,” and that’s because it’s purely subjective, a catch-all term that differs from person to person. I can say that, for me, achieving my idea of “good hair” is a rarity. I want natural-looking volume, a silky but plump texture to each strand, and the kind of softness and shine that looks like it comes effortlessly, like you were just born that hot. Think Sloane in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” (Beauty inspiration is everywhere.)

After the rounds and rounds of hardcore bleaching that came with being the kind of peroxide junkie that starts to relish the pungent smell and deeply, deeply unpleasant scalp tingle of salon-strength bleach, my hair quality has left a lot to be desired. It looked fabulous in its white blonde incarnation, but upon going back to a dark brown close enough to my natural shade, each frayed end and chunk of missing hair (hellooooo, breakage) suddenly stuck out like a sore thumb.

Needless to say, my hair requires a lot of care these days. I recently chopped off several inches into what is generally referred to as a “lob,” but my hair still needs more TLC than the orchid on my window sill. I took a chance recently and traded in my post-wash styling arsenal—hair primer, oil at the very ends, hydrating cream everywhere else, and a generous spritz of texturizing spray at the roots—for Davines OI All in One Milk, which indeed suggests that it does it all, thereby eliminating the need for all the other business I was layering on my head regularly.

I can confirm that this small risk paid off, as small risks often do. This majorly multitasking product—which you just spray all over your towel-dried hair; so easy!—makes my hair shiny and soft to the touch, with the kind of body and movement my hair has been lacking for as long as I can remember. Even my still-compromised ends look like they belong on my head rather than a Brillo pad. It offers heat protection, should I decide to wield my beloved curling wand (which, let’s be real, I often do), and I even think my hair dries faster after using it. It also smells like fresh laundry, which may be unnecessary but is of course a plus.

So while I haven’t quite reached Sloane status, I’m pretty confident that I’m well on my way. Soon, all I’ll need is a sweet white fringed leather jacket… and a day off.

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