David Beckham’s Most Regrettable Hairstyles

Megan Segura
David Beckham’s Most Regrettable Hairstyles
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David Beckham recently admitted to Shortlist magazine that some of his previous haircuts have been "mistakes". The soccer star said, "There have been one or two haircuts that were close to the mark, that I look back on and think were mistakes. Not mistakes, but different to what I'd do now. Honestly, Beckham could be balding and toothless, and Id still hit that, but in light of his hair confession, Ive compiled some of the worst David Beckham hairstyles. The Signals Your Hairstyle Sends To A Guy

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"I think the cornrows were something a bit different, but I was in holiday mode when I had them done, said Beckham. I was with a friend who's a hairdresser and very good at cornrows. So I thought, 'Why not do that?' I think I'd had a glass of wine or two. I think you would have to be drunk to walk around with that hairstyle. 10 Hot Celebrity Dads

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"And I'd have to say the Mohican, Beckham added to his list of hair regrets. I assume he means this fauxhawk he sported in 2009. All I have to say to that is thank God youre pretty, David. Walk Of Shame Beauty Strategies

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Not only are the highlights far too light, but imagining Beckham in a salon with a head full of foils sort of takes away that whole masculine athlete attractiveness. Hot Or Weird: Men Getting Brazilian Waxes

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I can honestly say I didnt even remember Beckham having a mullet until I started looking through photos from 2012. How did Victoria allow this to happen? Do Guys Like Short Hair?

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In case you didnt think the styled mullet was bad enough, take a look at the havent-showered-in-days version. Ew! Top 10 Beauty Moves That Turn A Guy Off

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