8 Makeup Looks to Never Wear on a Date

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8 Makeup Looks to Never Wear on a Date
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When it comes to makeup, guys sometimes just don’t get it. But, as clueless as they may be about what we have in our stashes, they also have some big opinions on the looks they prefer women to wear. (Typical, right?) Dating can be hard enough, and your date night makeup shouldn’t be a source of stress. Between deciding on a mascara and a lip color, your makeup does actually make a difference, but there are certain pitfalls you need to avoid.

So, we asked dating coaches Adam LoDolce and Susan Trombetti to share the feedback they’ve received from their clients post-date as far as makeup goes. After chatting with them, we got some brilliant do’s and don’ts for date night makeup. Above, eight makeup looks to never wear on a date.

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1. Sticky Lip Gloss. If you plan on kissing (and you probably are) keep the lipstick, gloss, what have you, to a minimum. Also, beware of reapplying at the table - it can make you seem bored with the date. (But hey, if you are indeed over the guy, by all means, reapply away and hope he gets the message.) 

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2. Glitter. Look, we love the sparkly stuff as much as the next girl. But for a date, swap out the glitter for a little shimmer. It'll give you a sultry, bright-eyed look without seeming too young.

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3. Too. Much. Bronzer. Yes, having a bit of a glow can makes you look slimmer and healthier, but not when that glow is shades darker than your actual skin tone. Brush lightly, ladies. 

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4. Cake-y Foundation. We get it—you have a monster zit on your chin and you want to make it go away stat. But sadly, putting layer over layer of foundation, concealer and powder will only make it worse. It’s hard to believe but it’s actually better to let some imperfections show rather than caking your face with makeup. Guys may be simple creatures, but they know when your skin is not your skin.

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5. Thick Eyeliner. If you’re an eye makeup novice, stick to the basics. Too thick, smokey eyeliner can sometimes end up dripping down your face, especially when you’re battling summer heat and nerves, and too much liner on the bottom of your eye can give you a sad puppy look that, sadly, is just not cute. 

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6. Too Bright Colors. A date is not the best time to try out your new hot pink blush or saffron eye shadow. Stick to neutrals to avoid the guy thinking you moonlight as (yes we’re serious) a clown. 

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7. Any Overt Fakeness. Fake eyelashes, nails, extensions, et al, are great for girls’ night out, but never date night. 

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 8. Anything Not "You." Yes, this is the part where we tell you to take the above tips with a grain of salt. Really, you should wear whatever makeup makes you feel good about yourself, no matter what. This also means that you probably shouldn’t slather on black lipstick just to impress an alternative-seeming guy or tone down your love of a cat eye for a man who’s more low key. The truth (as in, who you really are) always comes out. 

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