Dashing Diva to Introduce Safer Gel Manicure

Rachel Adler

Gel manicures have been a growing trend for a while now, but many have questioned the harm that they do to nails. Now, Dashing Diva, is taking steps to make the fad a bit safer on the nails.

The brand is launching ColorFX in July, a follow-up to their successful launch of DesignFX (a long-wearing decorative nail sticker that required a gel overlay). ColorFX will consist of a single color nail sticked designed to be glued to the nail and then followed by a gel overlay to increase it’s shine and prolong the longevity. The company claims that the application can last up to two weeks, and — best of all — acetone is not required for removal.

Margaret Pak, director of marketing and creative services at Dashing Diva said, “We wanted to create something safer for the nails. What we did is take everything women love about the gel products — no chip, long lasting, doesn’t require traditional air drying time — and added an easy removal process.”

Salon professionals are able to customize the stickers to the size of the customer’s nails (the stickers are designed with a silkscreen color and an adhesive back). Once they are fit to the nail, a gel overlay is applied and dried under an LED light. To remove, instead of using acetone, the ColorFX can actually be peeled off starting at the cuticle area by applying cuticle oil to help release the adhesive.

The ColorFX line will start with six neon shades for $40 per application. The company plans to launch 60 more colors to continue into the fall and spring.

Do you think this new alternative to gel will work? We’re curious to see if the “stickers” will have the same lasting power as a gel manicure, and if peeling them off the nail really won’t harm the nails. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!