Yes, You Can Still Wear Dark Lipstick in the Summer

Sable Yong


Some of us are spring and summers and some of us are autumn and winters, according to the days of “Avon calling!” The latter may find spring and summer makeup to be a bit on the flimsy side—not quite expressive enough as the deep bold colors we see more frequently in the colder seasons. Well, it’s 2015 and color-coding is pretty much up to the individual when it comes to makeup. Why change what you feel and look great in just because the earth keeps turning?

It doesn’t hurt that all the fall beauty looks we peeped at backstage at NYFW involved some seriously lush-looking deep burgundies and oxblood red lipsticks that are slotted to be released come fall. While we wait out the summer, we’ll still be clutching our Black Cherry and Divine Wine.

Being that your wardrobe may change, you can still incorporate your beloved vampy lips with some stay-put tips on preventing them from melting off your mouth, as well as wearing them with your favorite summer dress.

Stain Instead. An easy deep lip color that won’t melt? Lip stains! They last forever and are ostensibly waterproof considering they function by living up to their name. They are an easy item to throw into your beach or pool bag, and you won’t have to worry about it getting smeared across your face, post-swim.

Lip Primer. Since not every lip color can be budge-proof, we thankfully have lip primer to help with keeping our lipstick on our mouths for much longer than they would by themselves. And extra step can be annoying, but so are beads of sweat on your upper lip that make your lip color run.

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All About Balance. Since the sun will be shining for way longer than the moon every day in the summer, your “day” look will certainly reign. If you’re going for a bold dark lip, consider going bare everywhere else. It’s a refreshing way to wear color that really lets it shine without appearing so precise and overdone. Nothing says “carefree, adventurous beauty” like a bold lip in the spotlight.

Consider the Straw. There is nothing like a chilled beverage on a hot day. Also, be prepared to pretty much always be thirsty when you’re traipsing around under the sun all day. Don’t put off hydrating in favor of preserving your lipstick application—just use a straw as much as possible wherever you happen to be dining. So simple and SO much annoyance averted.

Switch to Lip Liner. It can feel like there’s a layer of humidity constantly ON your body at all times. One way to lighten that load and not feel like your lips are smeared in pigmented goop? Switch to lip liner and top with a lip balm. You can get the same opaque coverage by filling in your whole lip with a lip liner and swiping on a little or a lot (your preference) of lip balm for hydration. You can just do it sans balm for a truly matte look that lasts, too.

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