The Dana James’ Eye


Dana James was Thursday’s guest makeup artist. Aside from her platinum blond hair, the first thing you notice about her is a heavy, yet tasteful application of eyeliner. It reminds me of Penelope Cruz in Elegy, or a funky Brigitte Bardot. As I am perpetually in need of coaching when it comes to eye makeup application, I asked Dana to share her techniques with me. She suggested narrating her process while doing my makeup and I eagerly accepted. As luck may have it, Carol Han was hosting an event that night so I was able to test drive my new look after work. At the party, I ran into an old guy friend who couldn’t stop saying how great I looked- I have a little feeling it was my out-of-character bedroom eyes that was soliciting his praises.

My notes are below:

-First, you put liquid eyeliner on the top lid along the lashes. She uses a brand from Ricky’s called Golden Rose, which she says has the perfect wetness.

-Next, line your bottom lashes with a black pencil eyeliner.  Start at one edge and blend it into your lashline all the way to the very inside. Then smudge the dry eyeliner using a Q-tip.  This gives it a sexy I-slept-in-my-makeup look.

-Cover the lid with a silver-ish eye shadow. Then take a brown eye shadow and start applying it on the outside focusing on the crease and then underneath the lid. 

-The final step is borderline genius. Take a pink liner or shadow and line the lower lids so that there isn’t a bold separation between the black liner and your skin. 

-Top it off with mascara.