Daily Makeover Integrates its Next Generation Virtual Makeover Technology – Makeover Studio -into DailyMakeover.com in Time for Fashion Week

Daily Makeover

As the beauty and fashion community introduces new hair and makeup styles during Fashion Week, women can use Makeover Studio to try-on the newest season’s trends

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2009Daily Makeover, a leader in virtual reality try-on technology has integrated the next generation of its virtual makeover application – Makeover Studio – into its highly popular online beauty community, DailyMakeover.com. Makeover Studio offers women the most advanced virtual makeover technology in the industry; making the online makeover experience more like a beauty counter and salon experience than ever before.

Using Makeover Studio women can upload their photo and virtually try-on different cosmetic brands and their full suite of products, accessories, hairstyles and colors. The ability to try-on new looks and styles is critical before committing to a purchase or taking the risk of a major style change. Two-thirds of women purchase beauty products without having the benefit of trying them beforehand. Yet, according to a recent online survey, 90 percent of women prefer to try-on new looks and styles before they buy or walk into a salon and change their look. Makeover Studio empowers women to do just that. Whether they want to try-on their favorite celebrity’s hairstyle with accessories or test a radically different hair color, Makeover Studio has the ability to help them tweak their look until it is just right.

The enhanced technology behind Makeover Studio enables women to see the true properties specific cosmetics create when applied. A woman can see how different types of colors and finishes such as satin, matte, metallic, shimmer and glossy appear on her face. As a woman goes through the makeover process, she will be able select from all the leading cosmetic brands and their full suite of products to try-on. She will also have the option to read customer reviews on these products and purchase her selections through DailyMakeover.com. Unlike other virtual makeover applications, Makeover Studio will be integrating online videos and editorial content with instructional guidance and beauty tips by its team of beauty experts to help women recreate their virtual looks offline.

“Women love to try-on the latest makeup color and hairstyles but are often hesitant to make a change or commit to a purchase without being sure the look is right for them. Yet the option to try before you buy is rarely available when it comes to cosmetics and especially hair colors and hairstyles,” said Jeannette McClennan, CEO Daily Makeover. “Makeover Studio is not just a tool for women to try-on new looks it’s a channel they can use to empower themselves with knowledge of what products and what looks work for their individual styles and preferences AND have access to information from recognized beauty experts on how to create those looks offline.”

Four million women already visit and participate in the DailyMakeover.com online beauty community each month, seeking beauty advice, sharing product reviews and tapping into Makeover Studio. Since Makeover Studio was introduced in beta in August, DailyMakeover.com has seen engagement among women increase 50 percent, demonstrating the ability and desire to try-on a rich variety of products and styles for a complete makeover experience.

What’s New in Makeover Studio:

– Automatic Face Tracing: As soon as a woman uploads her photo, her face is instantly traced and the image is optimized to enhance the brightness and clarity. Not only does this enhance her makeover results but it limits the amount of time women must spend preparing their photos for the makeover.

– Makeup Colors and Finishes are True-to-Life: Makeover Studio presents products from all major cosmetic brands in their true form; women can see how a specific product will appear if truly applied. Makeover Studio also encompasses the largest range of makeup finishes–satin, matte, metallic, shimmer, stained, dewy, sheer, and glossy. In prior technologies, these capabilities were limited to generic colors or styles.

– Foundation & Concealer: Women can try-on foundation and concealer and select different levels of coverage as well as application techniques including an all-over application, t-zone and spot-apply.

– Eyebrow Thinning: The fullness of the eyebrow can be increased or decreased.

– Hair Styles: Makeover Studio includes the industries largest gallery of hairstyles for women to try-on, including thousands of celebrity hairstyles. Women can adjust the hair color and add highlights and lowlights to personalize the hairstyles they select.

– Accessories: Women can add hats, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings as well as color contact lenses to complete their makeover.

– Sharing: The DailyMakeover.com community encourages women to solicit feedback from other members and its team of beauty experts regarding the looks they have created. Soon, women can share their looks with an even broader audience – their personal friends via social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace.

– Act Now: After a woman completes her makeover, a list of the products she used to create her makeover is saved. Women can print their selections out to make in-store purchases, but DailyMakeover.com also makes it easy for women to purchase their selections online through a variety of relationships it has in place with online retailers.

About Daily Makeover
Daily Makeover is a leader in interactive media and “virtual reality try-on technology. The company has been developing and delivering image processing tools and technology for more than 10 years. Its virtual makeover technology enables users to access it content library of more than 8,000 hairstyles and 7,000 cosmetics and accessories to create their best looks, which can be saved, printed, emailed or shared via popular social networks. The try-on technology is used by Daily Makeover’s own online beauty community DailyMakeover.com, the web’s leading beauty information site with more than four million community members. DailyMakeover.com offers up to the minute trends, celebrity hairstyles, beauty blogs for women to share style opinions and product reviews. Daily Makeover offers an enterprise version of its virtual reality try-on technology and vast customizable content library as well; 60 beauty and lifestyle sites and major brands around the world currently license it. The company is headquartered in New York City and is backed by Village Ventures, Rho Canada and Borealis Ventures. For more information visit www.dailymakeover.com, Facebook and Twitter.