Daily Makeover Index: Most Popular Celebrities Reveals the Top Celebrities Women are Emulating

Daily Makeover Staff

The new report by DailyMakeover.com found women are seeking to emulate hairstyles from Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway and Adrianne Bailon

NEW YORK, July 20, 2009 – DailyMakeover.com, the web’s leading beauty information site that provides access to its virtual try-on technology to create customized makeovers, has released the Daily Makeover Index: Most Popular Celebrities. More than four million women visit the DailyMakeover.com online beauty community each month to create and share virtual makeovers. The index provides insight into specific celebrities women are seeking to emulate through the hairstyles they select to try-on. DailyMakeover.com found the majority of women are seeking to mirror hairstyles from Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway and Adrianne Bailon.

“Celebrities make fashion statements every time they walk out the door. Sometimes women love them and other times they fall flat,” said Rachel Hayes, editorial director at DailyMakeover.com. “The celebrity hairstyles most tried-on this year show us that while it is always fun to try-on Angelina Jolie or Paris Hilton’s look, women are really looking for a style that is attainable and will work for them in their everyday life like the classic cut of Adrienne Palicki or the young, fun look of Brittany Snow.”

Daily Makeover Index: Most Popular Celebrities

January-March 2009 Index April-June 2009 Index
1. Adrianne Palicki 1,881 1. Brittany Snow 946
2. Adrienne Bailon 1,642 2. Jennifer Lopez 864
3. Paris Hilton 1,639 3. Ashley Tisdale 834
4. Alexis Bledel 1,630 4. AnnaLynne McCord 829
5. Angelina Jolie 1,564 5. Ashley Greene 784
6. Tara Reid 1,197 6. Anne Hathaway 741
7. Miley Cyrus 1,050 7. Amanda Seyfried 647
8. Janet Jackson 1,045 8. Miley Cyrus 646
9. Anne Hathaway 981 9. Adrienne Bailon 608
10. Alicia Keys 976 10. Anne Hathaway 593

Daily Makeover Index: Most Popular Celebrities provides insights into hairstyles from specific celebrities women are selecting to try-on. The numbers are the ratio of the “try-ons” of a particular celebrity relative to the average of all celebrities within the DailyMakeover.com Makeover Studio.

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