The Latest ‘It’ K-Beauty Product to Know Now

Caitlin S. Miller

You might be familiar with the cushion compact—a pillowy pad of liquid foundation housed in compact form—but there’s a new variation that has everyone placing mass orders online (or scrambling to the few stores that sell Korean products Stateside). Meet the cushion eyeliner, which delivers potent liquid liner in an easy-to-use pot.

Similar to a gel liner, the cushion eyeliner comes in a tiny jar and is designed to be used with a precision brush. But whereas gel liners are made for only the steadiest of hands, cushion liners contain a more user-friendly liquid formula, much like the ones found in liquid liner pens. In fact, the application process reminds us of using an old-fashioned quill and ink.

The liner is available only when you dip your brush into the porous cushion, and even more important, it stays precisely where you want it to on the brush—aka your chances of inadvertently turning your cat-eye into a smoky eye are slim to none.

Right now, cushion eyeliner pots aren’t exactly mainstream, but we’re expecting that to change in the near future. They’re just that easy to use. Although most of the brands available are Korean favorites such as HERA Cushion Liner ($31.50) and banila co. Eye Love Cushion Gel Eyeliner ($17.95), mass beauty brands are taking note.

Stila just released the Got Inked Cushion Eyeliner ($28), which comes in six shades ranging from classic black to rich amethyst. The brand even launched a matching La Quill Precision Eye Liner Brush ($32)—a point-tipped brush that resembles a calligraphy pen.

Guess we weren’t the only ones who thought quill and ink were cool again.

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