Instagram Insta-Glam: Curly, Wavy Ponytails

Victoria Moorhouse

The ponytail is under constant pressure to get upgraded from something that’s more than just appropriate for a set of squads or a jog on the treadmill. The easiest way to do this without reaching for an accessory, flat-ironing, or wrapping a section of hair around the base to hide the hair-tie (which is strangely time-consuming) is to add some curly tendrils or messy waves. Ironically, adding texture and movement to this type of hairstyle can make it even dressier than a look where every single strand is slicked-back and under the influence of hairspray, gel, or any product with immense staying-power. There’s something really playful about a curly, wavy ponytail, too. If you have curly hair naturally, you’re in luck because all you’ll legitimately have to do is pull it up—no heat tools required.

Take a look at this roundup of curly, wavy ponytail inspiration found on Instagram and try it out for yourself. Whether you prefer it fly-away free or a little messier, there’s a look there for you.

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