Curly Hair and the Summer: Celebrity Hairstylist Explains How to Manage

Augusta Falletta
curly hair


For most people, summer is clearly the most anticipated and most enjoyed season of the year. The daylight lasts forever, you never need to bring a jacket when you leave your house, and it’s the perfect excuse to wear orange lipstick day in and day out. For ladies with naturally curly or wavy hair, though, summer can be an absolute nightmare. Between the humidity, the frizz, and the giant bad hair season that tends to happen once the temperatures rise, it’s a miracle the curly haired girls of the world don’t move to colder temperatures for the summer.

Because we’re constantly trying to make women’s lives easier, we wanted to find ways to help girls with natural curls survive the frizz, so naturally we turned to a professional. Celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas for Schwarzkopf Professional gave us some fantastic tips, and we’re sharing them with you below!

Frizz means dry hair. During the summer when curly hair is exposed to the elements and starts getting bigger and wider and frizzier, it’s your hair’s way of reaching out to the air to grab onto the moisture. If you’re experiencing a ton of frizz, you should work towards putting more hydration in your hair.

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You should still use products even if they weigh your hair down. Often times, if women with curly or wavy texture feel like product weighs down their hair, they avoid any product whatsoever. If you’re using heat styling or you color your hair and you’re not replenishing the moisture that’s lost in those processes, your hair will be lackluster and frizzy. Instead, look for lightweight leave-in spray or a cream that will replenish the moisture lost.

Watch how much product you apply (and where you’re applying it).  Only use about a dime-sized amount of cream throughout your hair. Using too much product is likely part of the reason your hair was being weighed down. Work the product through your mid-lengths to ends for the best results, as your roots typically don’t need product.

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You don’t have to skip a day of shampoo. If your hair is more oily, you can wash it every day, but don’t feel like you must stretch the amount of days between shampoo just because everyone’s saying you should. Especially with the new Bonacure Hair Therapy line from Schwarzkopf Professional (out in September), the shampoo restores your strands each time you wash it, unlike other shampoos which can strip your hair of the nutrients it needs. On the opposite side, if you have dry hair, spritz in a bit of leave in conditioner from mid-lengths to ends on days between shampooing for an extra kick of moisture.