Yes, Curly Bangs Are Back—Here’s How to Pull Them Off

Rachel Krause
curly bangs

Photo: Imaxtree

Beauty rules are meant to be broken, especially when we’ve heard them repeated so often that they almost become a dare. Curly-haired women have long been told that, unless they plan on straightening and styling their hair every day (or at least every time they wash), bangs are definitely a nonnegotiable don’t. We all remember the ’80s.

But, if we know anything about fashion and beauty, it’s that nothing ever truly goes out of style—it’s cyclical, and everything makes its way back around. Well, curly girls, your time has come. Curly bangs are happening again, and while they’re not easy to pull off, they can actually be pretty damn cute.

curly bangs

Photo: Imaxtree

We spotted bangs going curly and wild not only at Blugirl, Chloé, and Dior for Fall 2015 but also at Alexander Wang for Spring 2016, which means they’re not going anywhere. There’s also the glorious case of singer Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent. Her wild, fringed ringlets are exactly the kind of look we’re going for.

Working with a good stylist who has plenty of experience with curly hair is key. Cutting flattering bangs into your curls is still tricky business, so you don’t want to get bangs for the sake of getting bangs only to discover that they really aren’t doing you any favors. A stylist will also have insight into how you’ll need to style them every day. Be realistic about your hair habits: You want bangs that will look good with your natural texture, not bangs that only look good when you blow them out.

Chloé Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

When you style at home, a bit of product can make all the difference. Use a dab of pomade, like Davines This Is a Strong Dry Wax ($32), on dry hair to separate the sections of your bangs and create piecey texture, or twist small sections while your bangs are drying to add a cool bend. And if anyone has the nerve to tell you that girls with curly hair aren’t meant to have bangs? Screw ’em.

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