Creating Summer-Worthy Smokey Eyes

Janell M. Hickman
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Summer is just at our fingertips, which means there’s an abundance of beauty looks to try. But how do you look hot and skip the sweaty part? The answer is with a sensual, smokey eye that’s warm-weather appropriate! We checked in with three experts to give us tricks, tips, and more to help us achieve that covetable and effortless smokey eye with ease. Believe us—where the smoke is, there is fire!

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You Don’t Need a Reason to Wear It
“Deep, smokey eyes are always seductive and smouldering no matter what season, but more so when paired with steamy, bronzed summer skin,” explains master NARS makeup artist, Uzo. “My summer muse is supermodel Toni Garrn, who was featured in the ad campaigns for NARS blush-bronzer duos in 2014.”

Create a Summer Appropriate Eye
“When selecting a smokey eye for spring, have fun with a shimmer bronzer on your eyes,” shares celebrity makeup artist and beauty, Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. “I enjoy using bronzers to warm up the eyes. It gives such a sultry look and can be worn both day and night.”

Make It Wet
“In order to achieve [that] this look doesn’t melt down your face, start off by using a shadow primer like Shadow Insurance,” says Jerrod Blandino, the co-Founder and Creative Director of Too Faced. “Then, layer both your shimmering and smokey shadows. Use just the tiniest amount of Vaseline or clear lip gloss to highlight just the center ball of the eyelid.”

Do a Double
“Cream and powder eye shadow combos always give the best eye shadow results,” explains Uzo who’s clients include Nicki Minaj and FKA Twigs. “A cream shadow is not only a great base that creates additional dimension but ‘locks’ down powder shadow when it is layered on top.”

Avoid a Melt-Down
“During the summer, I always suggest wearing long-wearing and waterproof-makeup items,” says Gomez-Duplessis who has worked with both Kerry Washington and Jennifer Aniston. “A fun trick of mine is to set the skin first, then prepping it with a spritz of Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Then, when I’m completely finished with the makeup application, I like to use First Aid Beauty Hydrating Mist to set the foundation.”

Start With the Basics
“Start by using a matte flesh or bone-toned shade from lash to brow,” says Blandino. “Next, in a windshield wiper motion, define the crease and blend a medium-to-dark smokey shadow from crease down toward the lash, keeping the inner third of the eyeball clean. Then, take a deeper shade and create the ‘V’ from the outer eye line to the outer crease and smoke toward the center of the eyelid. Finish by applying a creamy gel black eyeliner along lash line and smudge.”

Fix Smudged Shadow
“Salvage smudged eye make-up with concealer and a Q-tip,” explains Uzo. “You would think that the best bet is to use an eye make-up remover and clean up [the] smudge but it will dissolve remaining eye make-up and leave a residue. Try a little concealer on a Q-tip to clean up and do ‘damage control.’ Reapply eye make-up.”

Incorporate a Little Shine
“Wearing metallic eye shadows can be so seductive regardless of what shades you choose,” shares Gomez-Duplessis. “Both Bobbi Brown and Sephora Collection have great eyeshadow palettes that can take you from soft pastels to dark highly pigmented colors. I always like to pair it with a sheer lip color when playing with a bold eye.”

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Find the Right Hue
“Pale-to-fair skin tones look best in bronzes and golden browns,” explains Blandino. “Medium skin tones look best in gray and charcoal tones, while deeper skin tones look best in jewel and black skin tones.”