Wave Rider: Creating Soft Spring Hair On Any Texture

Janell M. Hickman
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Sexy, just tumbled out of bed waves aren’t just for Victoria’s Secret models. Easy to achieve beach-inspired waves are readily in reach for the everyday girl. But believe us, you don’t need to follow a complicated routine to get the result you crave. We caught up with two hair superstars to offer a few beauty hacks on scoring perfectly tousled strands—sans the stress. This is one beauty wave you won’t want to miss!

Create Texture Without Heat
“There are actually a few ways [to create texture without heat],” shares Regional Education Manager for Kenra Professional, Nina Holmes. “You can braid the hair in large sections and let it air-dry or make loopy pin curls, pin to the head, and [patiently] let it air-dry.”

Avoid Using Hot Tools on Dirty Hair
“I suggest never using hot tools with dirty hair,” cautions Joseph DiMaggio, Davines Master Session Ambassador. “If the cuticle is open again, because you haven’t washed and blow dried in a few days, you’re going to further dehydrate the strands, causing more damage and frizz. It also bakes in all the toxins, free radicals, grease and dirt on your strands.”

Sleep Like A Baby With Rollers
“I do this all the time! I’ve found that a soft sponge type roller is most comfortable,” shares Holmes. “ I wrap a scarf around my head so that the rollers stay in place as I sleep. Another, very vintage way to achieve a roller look is to take strips of old t-shirt, roll them, and tie them to your head. It’s much softer than traditional rollers.”

Prep Your Hair Properly
“Using a volumizing mousse and heat protectant, like Davines This Is A Volumizing Mousse and MELU Shield, is super important to protect and prep your hair,” adds DiMaggio. “Always blow dry your hair before using other heat tools like a curling iron or straightener. This seals the cuticle and prevents damage from the additional heat tools. Follow, with your curling iron or flat iron for the desired final look.”

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Prep for Muggy Days
“When you know the weather is more humid or rainy, apply more product than you typically would,” shares Holmes. “I always double check that the products I’m using protect against wet days as well. I love Platinum Thickening Mousse 12 for muggy days because it provides humidity resistance without a super hard hold.”

Shake It Up With Salt Spray
“Sea salt spray works on all hair types, but you should be careful with the amount you use,” shares DiMaggio. “Again, blow dry your hair first and then apply just a few sprays of a sea salt spray, holding the bottle about 12-inches from your head. This offers just the right amount to create the texture without weighing the hair down.”

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Make Your Curls Look Natural
“No natural curl is exactly like another, so alternating the size of your curling irons from strand to strand makes it look more believable,” explains Holmes. “I also like to use a product like Kenra Texturizing Mist 12 to scrunch and break apart curls after I’m done curling to give it a lived-in look rather than a ‘I’m going to prom’ look.”

Opt for Old Hollywood Glamour
“If pin curls are set properly, they create a certain directional, deep set wave that has a very glam and vintage feel,” say DiMiggio. “The curls should be set with a gel on wet hair, which takes which takes awhile to dry. Next, pins are taken out before the hair is brushed through. This process can be a bit time consuming, but you can achieve the same look with any number of curling irons available now.”

Avoid Over-Brushing
“Separate curls with your fingers,” explains Holmes. “Brushing the hair tends to look more polished, but the key to natural looking curls is to separate them with your fingers. The key is not to mess with it throughout the day or play with your hair like you might if it was straight – just let it be!”