My good friend Dawn’s favorite thing about me (aside from my charm and wit) is my naturally pigmented lips. And it’s true, my lips are very red. While Dawn sees it as an attribute, I find it to be quite annoying. If I wear anything other than clear gloss it looks like I have on the wrong color lipliner. Kinda similar to that trend in middle school where girls would wear black lipliner- remember that?

This morning I tried on Daniel Ucchita’s (of Bradbury Lewis public relations) lipstick. It’s from Jean Paul Gaultier’s mens make-up line, which I didn’t even realize existed until today. The creamy consistency felt great and believe it or not, the soft mocha color was exactly what I’ve been looking for! A barely-there  tint without the ghetto dark lipliner look. Finally.

Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur Baume Levres, 19 euros,

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