StyleCaster joined forces with COVERGIRL to demonstrate the proper way to apply eyeshadow so it stays all day long.

COVERGIRL Video How-To: Stop Your Eyeshadow From Creasing

Summer K

I spy with my little eye a way to stop that yucky creased look you get after applying your eyeshadow and letting it sit for a few hours. Sound all too familiar? StyleCaster joined forces with COVERGIRL and makeup artist Sage Maitri to show you how to keep your product in place without the drama. If you’re prone to oily skin or are suffering through some typical T-zone issues, this video how-to is definitely a must for your daily beauty arsenal.

Watch the video above for some expert tips or follow along with the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Clean the oil off your face with a gentle cleanser.

Step 2: Dab your eyelids with blotting papers to remove any excess oil left behind.

Step 3: Apply a primer to your eyelid before adding shadow. (Sage used COVERGIRL’s Intense Shadow Blast because it has one already built in). As you apply the shadow to your lid, blend it out with the brush and NOT your fingers (since they have oil on them).

Makeup Artist: Sage Maitri, The Wall Group
Model: Amanda Vanderziel, MUSE
Hairstylist: Nicole Bridgeford

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