CoverGirl Debuts New #instaGLAM Collection with Katy Perry

Molly Carroll
Katy Perry

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Since Instagram launched in 2010, the social media phenomenon has grown like crazy. Everywhere you turn, you are bound to witness an Instagram photo being taken or overhear someone speaking in hashtags. Basically, Instagram has taken over the planet.

With that said, it was only a matter of time until Instagram infiltrated the beauty world. The first brand to launch a collection inspired by the mega photo-sharing service is the one and only CoverGirl. CoverGirl’s new #instaGLAM collection includes everything from concealer to nail polish and aims to make every girl easy, breezy, beautiful, and most importantly, Instagram-ready (#nofilter needed, obviously).

nail CoverGirl Debuts New #instaGLAM Collection with Katy Perry

CoverGirl unveiled the collection with a short and sweet commercial featuring the face of the collection, Katy Perry, on their Instagram today, before the ad starts appearing on TV in May. The collection launches in July of 2014 and can easily be found online or in a drugstore near you. Watch the ad below and let us know if you’ll be shopping the collection come July!