Could You Pull Off Platinum Hair?

Wendy Rodewald

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Could you pull off platinum hair?

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Ever wonder what it would be like to go blonde? Like, really, really blonde? Maybe you would regret it. Or maybe, a platinum hair color would unleash your inner bombshell (hello, Marilyn!).

We asked Christophe Robin, L’Oréal Paris Global Consulting Hair Colorist, to give us the hard truth on who can really pull off platinum. Number one, “You have to be young,” he told us. “And you have to have perfect skin.

Now that we’re down to, oh, 0.5 percent of the population, Christophe says your skin’s undertones matter less, though platinum is particularly suited to those with a fair complexion and light-colored eyes. Of course, there are different tones under the platinum blonde umbrella — L’Oréal Paris has just released three new Féria Absolute Platinum shades ($9.99, that can take hair a full six levels lighter — so you can go warmer or cooler based on what looks good on you.

The maintenance factor also cuts down the list of likely candidates for flaxen hair. According to Monsieur Robin, you’ve got about five days of pristine color before your roots will start coming in. Regular moisture treatments and a blue-based shampoo and conditioner are also musts to prevent damage and brassiness. And since peroxide can damage the hair, he recommends that you keep your style short if you’re planning to bleach it.

And then, just to prove that there are no rules, consider Gwen Stefani, the poster-woman for platinum locks. She’s neither particularly young nor blue-eyed (though she does have pretty great skin, and plenty of time and expense to dedicate to hair color maintenance), yet the color works on her.

Gwen Stefani

At this point, we couldn’t imagine Gwen Stefani not having bold blonde hair.
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Luckily, you don’t have to guess. Christophe advises you visit a wig store to test drive your new hair before making any major color change. And of course, you can try on blonde hair in our Makeover Studio right now.

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