EXCLUSIVE: Cos Bar Founder Lily Garfield Explains Her Target Collaboration

Rachel Adler

Collaborations have become trendier than actual designer labels themselves. From the recently announced Altuzarra for J.Crew collab to Targets bevy of collabs (with everyone from Missoni to Jason Wu) we now not only look forward to the next pairing, but plan out how to be the first one through the doors on opening day.

Now, Target has decided the lifestyle brands need to get into the collaboration game, and will be releasing The Shops at Target coming in May. From brands such as The Candy Store and Cos Bar, they’ll be bringing us products from upscale specialty stores at affordable prices. Below, you can find a quick video with Cos Bar founder Lily Garfield discussing her foray into cosmetics (and now Target). We also stole a few minutes of her time to chat about everything from her starting of her boutique to her top 5 beauty tips. Read on below!

You founded one of the very first independently owned beauty boutiques years ago — what inspired you to take what you learned as a makeup artist behind the counter and put it into a store?

When I was living in Aspen, Colorado in 1976 I found that people wanted good quality, luxury skincare products even more than cosmetics. The climate and weather in Aspen can be harsh on the skin. I wanted to bring the most coveted beauty brands to consumers in areas that would not offer access to them otherwise.

Cos Bar is going to be available at Target stores, why did you choose to participate in The Shops for Target and what products will we be able to get there?

Target approached me about creating a collection for Target, and together we co-created a collection that is affordable and reflects the unique aesthetic of Cos Bar. I’ve been very pleased with the collaboration and working with Target. The collection includes body care products, bath accessories, beauty tools, manicure essentials and cosmetic bags in an eye-catching signature leopard print in bright shades just in time for the summer season – all for under $20.

If you could give just 5 beauty tips that you’ve learned over the years in the industry, what would they be?

1.      When traveling it is important to pack your skincare essentials (cleanser, moisturizer, serum and eye cream) in portable tubes to keep skin hydrated and fresh

2.      I always recommend a good under eye concealer to cover dark circles

3.      As we transition into summer, I recommend using a bronzing palette for a healthy, sunkissed glow.

4.      For a natural look simply use a sheer foundation, a blush, eyeliner and a lip gloss.

5.      During the warmer months when feet are exposed, even if it’s just through airport security, make sure to get regular pedicures!

What have been the most crucial business tips you’ve picked up along the way?

The most important business tip I’ve learned is to ensure my employees are happy. As an employer, I put my staff first. I make sure that I am 100 percent aware that my staff members are satisfied in their positions and I do what I can to empower them to succeed.

With your hectic schedule, what are your go-to products for everyday?

For cosmetics – a good concealer, eyeliner pencil and lip gloss.

For skincare – serum, face cream and eye cream.

We’ve been seeing a huge trend in technology with primers, foundations, etc and a love for makeup wipes (convenience!) what do you think will be the next cosmetic boom or “trendy” product?

I think we will continue to see more of a focus in the dermatology department to meet the demands of the baby boomers. I predict that we will start to see more innovative products that work to smooth lines and reduce the appearance of age spots.

Cos Bar products will be available in The Shops at Target at all Target stores beginning May 6th.