Product Testing: 5 Of Our Favorite Coral Lipsticks

Rebecca Shaw

It’s time to pucker up to spring! Shades of coral are popping up everywhere, from the runway to the faces of the hottest celebrities. Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence – they’re all glowing in variations of this season’s hottest color. Now it’s your turn! Coral is a magical mix between red and orange, a warm color that instantly brightens the face. If you’ve been looking for a way to switch up your look, this is the perfect start! Therefore I’ve researched and tested them all to find you the top 5 must-have coral lipsticks of the season.

Each of these lipsticks can be worn alone or finished with a gloss to compliment and add shine. They are also buildable! Use one application for a soft romantic look, apply more to achieve bold coral glamour! Don’t worry, these lipsticks are no one-trick pony! Not only are they the best colors, they’re packed with moisture to keep lips soft and SPF to protect. And with 5 beautiful options, choose your new signature favorite or have them all!

I’d love to see your comments below on which is your favorite pick!


About Rebecca: My grandmother started it all. As a little girl I would watch her “put on her face” (Clinique makeup) and I was fascinated. I would ask her why Chanel # 5 was her favorite perfume because at age 5, I thought it smelled stinky. I wanted to know it all! She always looked beautiful and she was even more beautiful on the inside. Then my mom, who radiates natural beauty from her warm inviting personality, smile, and those famous hugs. She has no idea how beautiful she is, makeup or no makeup, and she has the best intentions for everyone around her always. She taught me that beauty comes from confidence in yourself. That makes her the most beautiful woman I know. They’ve been my teachers and inspiration. So naturally, I decided to dedicate my blog to them, their middle names being “Naomi” and “Jean.” 

I will post all the beauty products I’m thinking about, researching, testing, loving, promoting the heck out of for no money because I’m obsessed, tips, tricks, etc.! My hope is to help you discover something new or find something you’ve been looking for, to become savvier, and more confident! And always remember, beauty truly radiates from the inside out!

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