The Secret to Getting Perfectly Lived-In Hair

Alle Connell
cool girl hair

Photo: IMaxTree

When it comes to our dream hair, we all want that slightly undone, too-cool-to-care, model off-duty hairstyle. And at Tibi’s SS 2016 show, cool girl hair reigned supreme. Frank Rizzieri for Aveda created effortless, carefree waves for the runway with a simple styling trick.

“We’re creating that second-day look on the first day,” Frank told us. And the key to the style isn’t a million different sprays and lotions— it’s all about using your hands.

“Your hands are the best brush you own,” said Frank. “If you dry hair with a brush, you get a really done look, but when you use your hands, your blowout doesn’t get too prissy. You get a bit of movement at the root, so it’s just that slightly undone, loose finish.”

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But you can’t just run your fingers through your strands and call it a day—proper technique is key. “Flip your head upside down, grip hair at the root and twist it, so your hands are working like a round brush. You’ll get texture in your hair without getting that overdone look,” Frank told us. “Then if the hair is too straight, you can go back in and add bend to the lengths with a curling wand.”

And don’t worry – this look isn’t just limited to girls with naturally center-parted, pin-straight hair. Frank told us that this style works with every length of hair, with every type of part, and every texture. “As long as your roots are straight, you can leave any natural curls or waves at the end,” he said. The hand-dry isn’t about creating a one-size-fits-all uniform look – it’s about a loose, lived-in texture that you can customize to fit you.

After all, isn’t being a cool girl all about individuality?