Connie Britton On Her Nashville Beauty Routine; Giving Back

Connie Britton and Curel recently teamed up with Direct Relief International to donate basic necessities like toothpaste and moisturizer to New Yorkers who suffered terribly from Hurricane Sandy. Britton, the star of Nashville (a must-see this season!) and the cult-favorite Friday Night Lights, helped to hand out packages this week and sat down with me to discuss the program and her simple beauty routine. (And I’m happy to report, she is just as beautiful and sweet in person as she seems on TV!)

Connie Britton Nashville

Nashville’s Casual Beauty
When I visited Nashville for the first time last month, I noticed a simpler beauty look in Music City. (My fuchsia lipstick took the weekend off, but my curling iron has never been put to work more, trying to recreate those country girl curls.) Britton has a similar view: “Nashville has its own beauty trends. There’s a really very Southern way. Pretty and polished. So I’ve been really into that lately.”

Her Go-To Red Carpet Look
“I go through different phases with it. One year I was really into princess dresses; not so much anymore. I love simplicity and elegance. I like looks that harken back to the Old Hollywood era. When you can pull that off, it can look really beautiful.”

Her Skincare Essential
“The most important thing is keeping my skin moisturized. I get really dry skin. That’s why the (Curel) Intensive Healing Cream is so amazing. Because for my skin, that is the best thing I’ve found.”

The Product She Can’t Leave The House Without
“My Clarins deodorant —pretty essential.”

On Co-Star Jessica Lange
After working with Jessica Lange on American Horror Story last year, I had to ask her about the iconic beauty. “I think she also has a simplicity about her beauty regimen. I’m kind of, less is more. I would not want to speak for her, but my sense is that she has a pretty simple regimen too. It’s so funny because as beautiful as she is on the outside, I would say that a lot of her beauty comes from the inside.”

What Drew Her to the Direct Relief International Program
“I was very impressed with their passion. They provide relief to clinics in the US and around the world, and therefore are ready to provide relief when disaster comes up. To have Curel come in and donate these wonderful personal care packs that are so essential, particularly in times of disaster like here in New York today, is amazing. I’m excited to give these packages out today to people who are still suffering from Hurricane Sandy and reeling from that. I talked to people today who really lost everything. It’s a really wonderful and generous partnership and I’m really impressed with both of them.”