Why I’m a Compulsive Beauty Hoarder

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Makeup Hoarder

Beauty products make me happy. Not the regular type of happy that comes with, say, impulse-buying a new lipstick, but overwhelmingly, massively, inordinately elated. The problem? I’m running out of space in my house.

As a fashion and beauty editor for the past seven years, it’s safe to say I’ve amassed my fair share of products. I also buy more products than any woman rightfully needs in one lifetime. Combine those two points, and you get one very crowded bathroom, vanity, and nightstand. And bookshelf. And vases.

Before I go any further, I should let you know that I’m not a tidy person, and I do tend to have hoarding tendencies, so getting rid of things isn’t easy for me. I have three cabinets in my bathroom with three shelves each, and let’s just say I’m the primary landowner. My husband gets room for one stick of deodorant and one bottle of hair stuff. Tough luck kid, you should have married an accountant.

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So, what do I hoard? Let’s start with lipstick. I’d say, on average, I wear lip color two or three times a week, but apparently my brain processes that amount as “I need 22 red-orange lipsticks.”  Yup, at last count I had 22 red-orange shades from YSL to MAC to Wet ‘n Wild. And while they might look exactly the same to an uneducated beauty consumer, I’m willing to wager most of you reading this would see clear differences with the majority of them. Or, maybe that’s me justifying the fact I have 22 lipsticks that are exactly the same. And I haven’t even told you about the pinks, the plums, and the nudes.

Then there are highlighters. I have 13 at home that range from Tom Ford’s Illuminating Powder, to Buxom’s Divine Goddess cream luminizer, to RMS’ Beauty’s slick Living Luminizer pot that I bought for the same reason you did: It’s what they use in the J. Crew catalogs, so obviously I look like a model whenever I wear it.

Next, my dry hair texturizers. Instead of using one, I have six different kinds in my vanity, from Oribe to Shu Uemura, and about four more on my desk at work. I’d like to think if I had a signature sound, it would be the “pppssssssst” of an aerosol can.

I’m also addicted to really bright cream blush—fuchsia, orange, hot pink, poppy reds. The funny part? I probably wear blush once a week, if that. Yet, I know these look good on me, therefore I need them at all times.

By now, you’re probably wondering what’s really behind my compulsive accumulating. I already told you I have hoarding tendencies, I also believe it has a lot to do with my genuine love of beauty, and the fact that there’s something extremely special about trying a product, loving it, and getting to tell others about it, whether it’s in an article or just general makeup chatter with a friend.

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For example, when I first tried out the Clarisonic about five years ago, it quite literally changed my skin—my pores got smaller, my tone more even, and my chronic dry patches disappeared. I was so excited about it, that I not only wrote a story about my experiences, but I started to evangelize the electronic skin brush to people I knew, some of whom bought it and loved it too. Another time, I wrote about the fact that I mixed MAC’s divine Strobe Cream with my foundation, and I got actual emails from readers saying they loved the tip, and offered me their own DIY dewy foundation advice. For people who love beauty, there’s nothing better than getting a conversation started.

My passion for beauty also extends to my personal life: I happen to be a top reviewer on Makeup Alley—no judgement, it’s the same thing as writing a Yelp review—and when I have free time, I’m always posting reviews of products I’ve tried, whether I like them or not.

Plus, beauty is a common thread between me, my mother, and my grandmother. The three of us would sit around and chit-chat about makeup for hours, and before my grandma passed away, I wouldn’t dream of visiting her without bringing along my makeup bag to show her what new products I was using at the time, despite the fact that she had a signature lip color (Revlon’s Wine With Everything).

Of the hundreds of products I keep and use, I do have a few “staple” products that are on me at all times—MAC Neon Orange lipstick, my Beauty Blender, and Dolce & Gabbana Shaping Brow Pencil (which was also limited-edition, so now I have to order them from Harrods in the U.K.—yes, good eyebrows are worth insane shipping fees.) But for the most part, my beauty routine is fluid with a capital F. I love products too much to limit myself to a select few.

One look at my apartment, and I think that’s abundantly clear. Oh, and one thing I almost forgot to mention: If you come over, you get to pick out products from a huge wicker vase I had no choice but to start using as unopened makeup storage.


A sampling of just a few lipsticks I currently keep at home. I know, they all look so different.

makeup vanity

Part of my medicine cabinet. You’ll notice there’s no medicine.

skin care products

Here’s my nighttable’s “skincare” drawer contents. Obviously, my skin’s flawlessly hydrated, moisturized, toned, balanced, unlined, restored, and renewed.

makeup products

Meet another nightstand drawer.


Hi, my name’s Perrie and I’m a bright blush addict. Never mind that I only wear blush once in blue moon.

hair products

It overly-textured hair a thing? I think it might be.

wicker vase

This wicker piece of furniture may or may not be packed with products.

makeup products

Spoiler alert: It is packed with (these) products.

nail polish organization

When you run out of space, use your bookshelves to proudly showcase your products.

makeup products

I use these guys a lot.


They say every woman should have a signature scent. I have about 16.