Your Conditioner May Be The Culprit For Your Breakouts

Image via Imaxtree

Image via Imaxtree

Hair conditioner is an absolute godsend. Thank goodness there is an “adult” version of the hair detangler our moms used to spray in our locks so combing through isn’t so torturous. Because let’s face it, as adults, our hair goes through so much damage on a daily basis whether it be a frequent dye job or even just the harsh winter climate.

However, conditioner might not always be your best friend. It turns out that there are certain ingredients in our beloved conditioner that can cause chest, back, and face acne. So depressing, right? At this stage in our life, we’d like to think that bacne wouldn’t even be an issue anymore, and especially that our beloved hair products wouldn’t be the culprits!

The issue is that many conditioners contain petroleum, silicone, jojoba oil, or shea butter, which are all oil-based products that can clog pores and trap bacteria. As a result, a breakout (or many) may occur.

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Another common culprit is an ingredient called panthenol, which helps strengthen hair. Steering clear of any conditioner that contains this ingredient may help you eliminate those pesky pimples.

Additionally, we hate to break it to you, but it’s not always just your conditioner that could be breaking you out. Body washes, face washes, and shampoos often contain “sudsing” agents called sulfates which are a common irritant, and as a result, can cause flare-ups. The thought of the very thing we use to keep our body and face clean breaking us out is a huge bummer.

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While all of these facts may make you want to clear out your entire shower stash right this instant–take a breather. Not every one of these products will definitely cause breakouts, so do a little trial and error and try eliminating different ingredients one at time to pinpoint what the issue is.

Another good step to take is to wash your body after you wash your hair. This way, you can rinse off the irritants and film left over from the conditioning agents in your hair.

Lastly, try aiming for conditioners (and possibly body and face wash) that are more organic so you can avoid those unnecessary chemicals that negatively affect your skin (and hair for that matter!).