These Drugstore Concealer Brushes Are A Blemish’s Best Friend

Sable Yong

concealer brushes These Drugstore Concealer Brushes Are A Blemishs Best Friend


There is really nothing worse than a diva zit arriving unannounced and setting up camp on your face when you least suspect it. Aside from picking and prodding at it, the only other option to make it go away is to effectively make it disappear—at least visually. You really will only need two things: concealer and a concealer brush.

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You generally apply concealer to your eye area with your fingers, but do NOT do this on blemishes. For good reason—you have a zit because bacteria and dead skin cells have thrown a rager in your pores, erupting in a puss-filled aftermath. Using your fingers is potentially just inviting more bacteria to the party. A (clean) concealer brush is the thing to use. If there was ever reason to clean your makeup brushes, it’s the threat of a serious infection.

Concealer brushes generally all look similar— flat with a slightly domed edge and short firm bristles, some slightly smaller or larger than others. The tiny ones are good pin-point blemish coverage and the larger flat ones are great for under-eye concealing. Looking at the brushes above and notice how the heads are all a little bit different. The idea is that you use the curved tip to stipple the concealer onto the terrain of a blemish, getting all the nooks and crannies covered while also blending seamlessly into the rest of your skin. Since this weapon of choice is used for a pretty targeted area, you don’t really want to go using it for other areas where you can potentially spread zit-causing bacteria. That said, you should certainly make sure to clean it after every use.

Ideally, since under-eye concealer can be a slight bit paler than complexion concealer (for a brightening effect, natch), it wouldn’t hurt to have a concealer brush that’s a bit flatter than it is thick for your eye area, and a small more pointed concealer brush for blemishes. While it does a the dirty work of makeup, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of dough on a good concealer brush. There are lots from affordable drugstore brands that you can grab on your next errand run—just pick up any of these above!

(Top to Bottom: Sonia Kashuk, E.l.f., Boots No. 7, Real Techniques, Ecotools)

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