Community Trend Spotting: Cat Eyes

Libby Cross
Community Trend Spotting: Cat Eyes
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This week the StyleCaster community developed a makeup obsession. While the past few weeks we’ve been drawing mainly hair inspiration from our fellow members, we’re always looking for something new so naturally the makeup revival was music to our ears (or perhaps fuel for our cosmetics obsession!)

There was one makeup look in particular that popped up time and time again this week: the so-called “cat eye” eyeliner. Whether it was winged out dramatically, inspired by 1960s models like Twiggy, or a more subtle take on the trend appropriate for everyday, StyleCaster members had all the bases covered. While we also love the colored eyeliner trend, we think a cat eye is an amazing way to punch up your warm weather makeup look without wearing too much: simply keep your skin bare and work a cat eye and lots of mascara. As long as you make sure to pick a long-wearing liquid or gel liner, you’re good to go!

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We love the graphic shape of this liner from jenonizzle. The bold look is complemented perfectly by natural skin and pretty pink lips. 

Photo: StyleCaster: jenonizzle/

The ultimate cat eye? We think so, and so does ElizabethKozersky

Photo: StyleCaster: ElizabethKozersky/

While we wouldn't wear our cat eye quite like this in the summer, we're storing this liquid liner look from EmmaKlug away for fall. 

Photo: StyleCaster: EmmaKlug/

If you're adept at the cat eye look and want to try something new (or in this case, old!), why not experiment with a truly '60s inspired look? We love how the makeup in this image from lauren-ashley spencer manages to look both retro and fresh. 

Photo: StyleCaster: lauren-ashley spencer/

Looking for a modern way to wear a cat eye in summer? We think the candy-colored hair and lip stain in this image from melindalberman are perfect. 

Photo: StyleCaster: melindalberman/

In case you still needed a reason to give the cat eye look a try, we think this image from our Beauty Director Rachel Adler will convince you. 

Photo: StyleCaster: Rachel Adler/

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