Community Trend Spotting: Bangs A-Plenty

Emily Albrent

Whether they are side swept or blunt, bangs are a major trend right now. They are the perfect way to frame your face and change up your look just in time to get back into the fall rush. Cut them short, leave them long, whatever you do, be sure to make them work for your lifestyle.

Bangs are a fabulous go-to when you have zero time and don’t want to sit in a salon chair for hours. They can be low-maintainence and are also face slimming. Fun and flirty, bangs always keep coming back and we love it. By searching through the StyleCaster website, we have found that you are catching on to the trend as well!

Click though the slideshow above to find some inspiration for your next haircut! Be sure to upload a picture and leave us a comment below.

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