Common Beauty Errors You Might Be Making

Rachel Adler

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Many of us may claim to have started a love affair with hair and makeup products as small children you all remember playing with your mom’s makeup at some point in time. But whether we picked up tips from our mothers, friends, magazines or online outlets, somewhere along the line mistakes happened. Mistakes that at the time weren’t even noticed, but then appeared in the form of acne scars, dry skin, or worse skin cancer.

Below we outline some of the most common beauty mistakes you could be making on a daily basis, and how to avoid them.

You count the SPF in your foundation as an accurate amount of SPF for the day.
If you think about it, you would never want to cake on as much foundation for the full coverage that is required with SPF. Instead, lather on a cream or lotion before applying your morning makeup.

When you spot a zit, you pick at it.
I know this is the hardest lesson to actually learn and abide by, but it really is true. If you don’t want to attract more attention to your ugly red spot, don’t add more bacteria to the situation by constantly touching it with your fingers, or worse breaking the skin and creating a whole mess. Plus, once you go that far (you know what I’m talking about, when you’ve realized you really should have kept your hands off) you’ll scab. And then have to start worrying about getting rid of a scar instead of just covering up a little red spot. Think about it.

You exfoliate every single day of the week.
Although exfoliation is great for your skin, and a must to get rid of those dead skin cells, overdoing it can dry you out or cause redness and irritation. Find an exfoliator that works best for your skin type (the beads are right for you) and use it 2-3 times a week.

You switch beauty products like you switch men.
As a beauty editor, I test and sample products more than your average person but I also know that when something works, you keep it around (if only I had that figured out for my love life). Instead of trying a new face wash each day after your Sephora shopping spree, give it a chance to work before you judge the results. And for you impatient ladies out there, I’m talking 3-4 weeks, most of the best things in life take some time!

You sleep in your makeup, even if it’s only eye makeup.
So we’re ALL guilty of this last one at some time or another, but it really is a huge no-no. Even if you’ve had a hard night of partying and can’t drag yourself to the bathroom, keep a box of makeup wipes on your bedstand. That morning-after look has never been a good one, for anyone.