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There is a surprisingly easy way to revitalize your look, cover your roots, and extend your time between salon visits, all at the same time. It is always a struggle for me to prevent root exposure and I dare not to tell you the things I’ve experimented with out of desperation. Visible roots are just like chipped nail polish, never a good look.

Have you ever wondered what a few highlights would do to your skin tone? Here are two of my absolute favorite “magic” wands on the market.

The first is Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen. “It is a temporary hair color the size of a pen that instantly erases your gray strands that seem to appear overnight,” as Blandi puts it himself. The pen comes in five different shades, so you can match it to your hair perfectly. As with any product, make sure to follow the instructions thoroughly.

If you don’t have gray but are looking to spice your color up a bit, a great temporary alternative is Frederic Fekkai’s Hi-Lights hair mascara. It is shaped like a mascara wand for easy application and instantly adds dimension to your cut and a radiant glow to your skin. This magic wand comes in two shades. “Gold” for blonde to light brown shades and “cognac” for medium brown to black shades. “Brush in today and wash out tomorrow,” as the Fekkai team says.

Have fun and whisk away!