Steal This Popular Korean Skin Care Ingredient ASAP

Natasha Burton
comfrey Steal This Popular Korean Skin Care Ingredient ASAP


Popular in Korean beauty products, comfrey leaf is a high-in-protein plant known for it’s awesome skin-healing powers. While dermatologist Dr. Reagan Anderson notes that, “most of these types of ingredients do not have any real evidence to support their use,” comfrey leaf has actually been used since ancient times for healing wounds, ulcers, insect bites, and other dermatological conditions, according to Suki Kramer, founder, formulator and president, of suki skincare. Here’s why people have been using it for hundreds of years.

It’s a natural skin conditioner.

Comfrey is a naturally-occurring source of allatoin, which is commonly created for (and used in) products that smooth rough or scaly skin. Kramer says it also, “provides needed nourishment to the skin in the form of vitamins and minerals,” as well.

In fact, she recommends using products with comfrey “when skin is especially dry and tight.” (She suggests trying her suki hydrating body oil after a bath or shower while skin is still dewy and warm for maximum effects.)

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It reduces irritation.

Comfrey’s properties allow it to calm fussy skin, reducing inflammation, and promoting overall skin health. “All skin types can benefit from comfrey leaf, however—it’s an ideal choice for those who have dry or sensitive skin due to its moisturizing and healing properties,” Kramer says.

It may have anti-aging properties.

Because comfrey  promotes more rapid skin-cell growth, it can contribute to skin renewal, Kramer says, which is a key factor in keeping skin looking young.

It’s an anti-bacterial.

Those with acne should be able to use comfrey without worrying about flare-ups. Not only is comfrey an inflammation-reducer, but it can protect skin from bacteria and other microorganisms as well.