Colourpop Just Launched Its First-Ever Primer and Setting Spray

Colourpop Just Launched Its First-Ever Primer and Setting Spray
Photo: Courtesy of Colourpop

Colourpop prides itself on being one of the most affordable makeup brands out there, thanks to a product range that rarely goes over $20; oh, the sweet relief our wallets must feel. The only downfall we’ve seen over the past few years is a lack of diversity in product.

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Up until last year, Colourpop rarely ventured past its wildly popular eyeshadows and lipsticks, with the exception of celebrity and influencer collaborations that did a little more. Thankfully, that all ended this year when we were finally gifted with foundation, setting powder, and concealer, on top of more palettes and lip formulas. Now, the ante is even higher with a just-released primer and setting spray to ensure all of that makeup actually stays on your face. The best part? Both of them are only $10 each.

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Colourpop Primer

Courtesy of Colourpop

Here’s a quick rundown: the All Star Matte + Blur Primer is made with a soft focus blurring technology that gives off the illusion of smoother skin as well as an oil-free formula with quick absorption. As far as we’re concerned, primers are optional in a makeup routine, but using one can definitely help your coverage stick; especially for those with slicker skin.

Colourpop Setting Spray

Courtesy of Colourpop

The All Star Face Setting Spray contains a similar blurring technology, as well as an applicator that allows it to go lightly and evenly onto the skin, so your makeup goes completely uninterrupted. Given the low price point and Colourpop’s penchant for making stuff that beauty lovers actually swear by, we’d say both of these are worth a try. Add them to your cart on Colourpop’s website.


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