Celebrity Colorist Rita Hazan Launches Interactive Website – Dishes on ‘Real Info’


Photo courtesy of Rita Hazan

We’ve long admired the lusciously colored locks of celebs such as Jessica Simpson, Michelle Williams and Jennifer Lopez. But if there was ever a do-not-try-at-home sign, we stop at trying to do our own highlights. Fortunately, Rita Hazan, the supremely talented hair colorist responsible for countless celebrity manes, has launched a fully interactive website that makes us feel as if we’ve just stepped into the popular Fifth Avenue salon for a VIP visit.

The newly revamped site offers seasonal how-to videos covering everything from Brazilian hair treatments to self-tanning to an entire section dedicated to bridal inspiration, complete with tear sheets. For those out to spread the word on a smart hair tip or two, there are simple email and web-sharing capabilities.

As for the content, Rita isn’t just out to get more clients. It seems the hair guru is offering up some real advice and beauty news. “So many beauty websites are nice to look at but dont actually give any real information,” Hazan told us. “I want to have a website that not only reflects the brands aesthetic but also gives customers (both current and new) an in-detail, interactive experience so they can walk away with a real understanding of how to create a specific look or style.”

And the benefit of going online? The colorist explained, “That way you dont have to live in New York to get the salon experience, you can get a taste of the salon from a million miles away.”