Clairol’s Color Director Marie Robinson Talks Spring Color Trends

Rachel Adler

Every season us ladies head to the salon to “spruce” up our strands — these trips often entail more than just the average cut and color. We want something a little bit more to brighten up our lives whether it requires dying our hair the new “it” color or just simply kicking things up a notch. I chatted with Marie Robinson, Clairol’s Color Director about what the hottest trends are this season, and how to get those looks. Read on below to find out what Marie has to say about ombre strands, her clients requests for pastel pink hair, and how to perk up your natural color!

Each season we all find a need to refresh our color. Is there one hair shade that you see people trending more toward? For example, are brunettes wanting to go blonde or is it the other way around?

Some women gravitate toward the same shade options to refresh their hair season to season. This spring in particular, the hottest trend I’m seeing is a soft hair color with an all-over glow including butterscotch and rose gold blondes and velvety, buttery brunettes. During New York Fashion Week in September, I colored models’ hair for the Spring 2012 Catherine Malandrino and Naeem Khan runways and found these shades effortlessly complemented the variety of fashions and skin tones on the runway!

If you’re a natural redhead, what can you do to amp up your color for spring? What about for a blonde or a brunette?

The secret to effortlessly perking up your natural shade this spring is by choosing a hair color in the same shade as your natural color. It’s an easy way to boost shine and add natural looking tones to your color without changing the current hue you already love.

What is the one shade that your clients are asking for the most right now?

A lot of my clients are asking for pastel pink throughout platinum hair.

Many girls want to add just a little bit of color to their hair but don’t want plain, traditional highlights. What would you advise as a way to add a little dimension?

To add a bit of dimension, I recommend a permanent hair color like Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam in a shade similar to their current color. The formula has built in tones and contouring highlights which illuminate the hair, adding dimension and shine.

Ombre doesn’t seem to be leaving us any time soon — is there a new way people can take on this style?

The new take on ombre isn’t so much about dark roots with light ends, but more about a blended color with lighter strands around the face and ends. Ombre is definitely a fun look and I always encourage women to be adventurous and try out new looks. However, to properly achieve the ombre look, I recommend paying a visit to your professional colorist.

Colored hair is another trend that seems to be popping up everywhere. If someone wants to try this, do you have tips for how they can do it in a way that is still safe for their hair?

For those looking to make a more drastic color change, such as going more than two shades from their current color, I recommend visiting a salon for the best results. If you’re looking for a commitment-free way of embracing colored hair, like the pastel streak trend, try colorful clip-in extensions or hair chalk. Clip-ins are great if you’re having trouble deciding on a particular shade or if you want the flexibility to switch up your color depending on your mood.

Image via Numero Tokyo May 2012, FashionGoneRogue