Instagram Insta-Glam: Colored Roots

Sable Yong
Instagram Insta-Glam: Colored Roots
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Our runway-to-real-way experiments on our own staff may not have gone all that perfectly, however the colored roots or hair part is still a hair trend that we just love the look of. Naturally, Instagram is our favorite source for hair color inspiration, with tons of girls (and some guys) sporting colored roots in all kinds of colors. For anyone who’s taken the platinum plunge, this is a great way to disguise your roots without necessarily having to bleach them again. And if you’re not into commitment, hair chalking your roots is not only easy to do, it means you can try out different colors everyday. Yes, the gears in our brains are turning too.

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The whole witchy temptress look is on lock here, thanks to @cocodevile's hair magic.

Photo: Instagram: @cocodevile

@danigrrl88 is making a serious case for vibrant roots. We're loving the curled coif too.

Photo: Instagram: @danigrrl88

Baby buns look extra fierce with these teal roots on @dylan_deyn.

Photo: Instagram: @dylan_deyn

From soft brown to violet on platinum—@ginawillcutyou turned her client's hair into our newest Pinterest board.

Photo: Instagram: @ginawillcutyou

Guys are rocking colored roots too! @hairbymarkalan's '90s flip looks extra cool with these magenta roots.

Photo: Instagram: @hairbymarkalan

@kayla_howlett went with full-on gritty with this awesome red-root situation.

Photo: Instagram: @kayla_howlett

We are all about this multi-dimensional slate blue-gray root over platinum that @kerriebolton did on her client. ALL. About it.

Photo: Instagram: @kerriebolton

This is as edgy as it gets—angled bob, white hot hair and cobalt blue roots. @kristi_mac_of_hair nailed it.

Photo: Instagram: @kristi_mac_of_hair

Why not do colored roots over colored hair? We love the unicorn look of pink roots and violet hair on @nells_season.

Photo: Instagram: @nells_season

Consider the surprise root— and don't forget to cover your bases, like @redreamclothing is showing us here. Makes hair-flipping much more of a statement.

Photo: Instagram: @redreamclothing

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#WCW: Laverne Cox

#WCW: Laverne Cox