Change Your Look In A Minute With Colored Mascara

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Change Your Look In A Minute With Colored Mascara
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What happens when you’ve tired of your go-to liquid liner cat eye look, or perhaps your kohl-rimmed “dramatic” eye look, but you don’t really have time to paint a complex smokey eye or something requiring more than three eye products in the morning? You probably have searched high and low for your favorite mascara but maybe you’ve never thought about playing with your look using mascara—colored mascara! You might think of Halloween makeup when you imagine blue, purple, or green eyelashes, but when it’s the focus of your look, colored mascara is an unexpected and fun way to change a look that takes almost no time at all to apply. Win-win, no?

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Butter London, purveryors of every single nail polish color ever, now wish to impart color on your lashes, with their rock star colored mascaras. All of them have cheeky names like Pistol Pink, Jaded Jack, and Inky Six.


(Butter London WINK Mascara, $20 at

Blue seems to be the color that is universally flattering on everyone's lashes. Keep in mind there are several kinds of blues out there, from navy to turquoise to royal blue to cerulean—however deep or bright you want  to go, you can experiment with this color to your heart's desire.

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Makeup Forever offers a bunch of darkly dramatic colored mascaras in their Smoky Lash line. You get the curl and the length, plus a rich plum, navy, hunter green or brown hue.


(Makeup Forever Smoky Lash, $23 at Sephora)

For the adventurous, feel free to mix colors! Red and purple look so cool in a TRON kind of way... if TRON was a big rave party and not a deadly motorcycle laser game.

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Some "gold dust" on your lashes (and brows, if you're feeling extra fairy-like) looks so subtly pretty

Photo: Imaxtree

L'Oréal's Miss Manga mascara now comes in three other colors— Indigo, Blue, and Purple— in a new "Mega Volume" formula. Bolder and brighter lashes seems to make sense for a line that's serving up anime eyes.


(L'Oréal Miss Manga Meg a Volume Mascara, $12.29 at Amazon)

White mascara is great for a polarizing frosty look. What's so striking about it is the negative film effect it has on your look.

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