Spotted: Boldly Colored Eyebrows Are Happening Off the Runway

Rachel Krause
blue colored eyebrows at chromat

Photo: Daniel C Sims/Getty Images for Chromat

Fashion is always looking for new, weird things to do to eyebrows. Shaving them, bleaching them, dyeing them—nothing is off limits. But when real girls begin to take on those trends en masse, that’s when we really start to pay attention.

Brows in shades like pink, blue, and purple (which, needless to say, do not occur in nature) have been trickling off the runways and into the beauty routines and social media accounts of countless girls who aren’t afraid of experimenting with looks that are generally considered less “wearable” than, say, glowy skin or red lipstick.


Eyebrows of the rainbow sort have been cropping up on runways for a few seasons now. Just a couple weeks back, models at Chromat were decked out in bright turquoise blue, and Badgley Mischka went for a similar vibe with various pastels at their Spring/Summer 2015 show. That same season, Vivienne Westwood opted for a bold canary yellow, and Meadham Kirchhoff models were made up with a bright pink.

Many runway trends, especially those that make such a strong statement, never make it to the mainstream after seeing the catwalk. But if Instagram is any indicator of the greater popularity of colored brows (and we’d say that it definitely is), then it’s safe to assume that this look actually has legs outside of fashion week. Worn with otherwise fairly neutral makeup, it’s actually kind of … flattering?


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