Color Your Hair With Blush, The Truth Behind Gel Manicures

Rachel Adler

Here’s what’s going on in the beauty world to take you into your weekend:

Molly Ringwald reminds us that a venti, nonfat extra-shot cappucino is in fact a beauty product. Come on ladies, everyone needs their jolt of caffeine. (Bellasugar)

Getting creative with your hair in the summer is a must (humidity leads to drastic measures) and if you’re wanting to add a bit of color to your ponytail or topsy-turvy style, try brushing blush in for a bit of color. Yep, you heard me. (Refinery29)

Ever wonder what the difference is between all of those gel manicures? And if they can damage your nails? Here’s the lowdown. (StyleList)

You can now go to a salon for a braid bar to get your hair professionally braidedjust in case you want to steal Blake Lively or Rihanna’s look and don’t trust yourself with a little DIY. (NYTimes)

And, in case you haven’t heard the great Pat McGrath has finally joined Twitter! And apparently carries quite the load when traveling:

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