Color Stories: Fashion Blogger Lindsey Calla’s Love For Pink & Clear, Plus Win $250 Worth of Products

Lindsey Calla
Color Stories: Fashion Blogger Lindsey Calla’s Love For Pink & Clear, Plus Win $250 Worth of Products
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For this gloss-obsessed girl, the Rimmel Stay Glossy line is a match made in heaven! The line has so many variations of color to choose from and I wanted to get a little experimental with some color. In the winter we all need a little pick-me-up and a quick burst of color is always the best way to feel a little brighter.

I always have a hard time finding bright colors for my lips. Sometimes reds look like pinks on me and the pinks show up too red, but the Eternal Flirt gloss is the perfect shade for my skin tone. It’s the perfect balance between the two and because I have small lips, the shine in the gloss doesn’t make my lips look even smaller (which is the case with most bright matte lipsticks for me). Whenever you can add a shine to a bright color it immediately makes your lips look plumper, so on the days when I want even more oomph I layer the Infinitely Pretty gloss on top. Now, the clear gloss is also fantastic on it’s own on the days when you really don’t want to wear a ton of makeup but just need some extra shine to your smile. I’m so inspired by these shades and had so much fun finding other items within the same color story!

Don’t forget to create your own custom color story in the Pinterest Sweepstakes!

Enter for a chance to win $250 worth of beauty products:

1. Create a new board on Pinterest by clicking “+Add” on the top right-hand corner of your page and selecting “Create a Board.”

2. Title your board, make sure it includes the words “Color Stories”.

3. Add Pins to your new “Color Stories” Pinterest board! Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Go to the Rimmel website & pin at least 1 item from their Stay Glossy collection, like Lindsey’s Infinitely Pretty.
  • To fill in the rest of your board, find images that best showcase the “Color Stories” theme.
  • You are welcome to use any images from Rimmel, Beauty High, or any other board or website. Get creative!
  • Re-pins & uploaded images are allowed.

4. Submit your “Color Stories” Pinterest board by submitting a link to it in the comments section below.

Hurry, you’ve only got until December 21 to enter!

*Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winner will be contacted via email.

For more information on our relationship with Rimmel London:

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Lindsey Calla is a television host, blogger, and style expert based in New York City, making big waves in both television and the digital world. She has traveled the country appearing on networks like NBC New York, FOX Boston, Live Well HD, and the CW network. Be sure to check out her blog, SaucyGlossie, and follow her at @SaucyGlossie

Whatever I'm wearing, the pink gloss can almost pass as a neutral which I love. It has just the right amount of shimmer and saturation which I can take up a notch by applying several coats.

Stay Glossy Long Lasting Lipgloss [Eternal Flirt]; at

What a sweet way to start off your day and this pink color will add a burst of soft color to your shower.

Philosophy Bubble Gum Shower Gel; $16; at

Keep all of your makeup together stylishly with a train case that comes in this cute bubblegum pink color!

Pink Train Case; $62.50; at

Keeping your skin hydrated is the most important beauty step to remember in the winter. This cleansing milk has a great nourishing texture and the bottle is in the prettiest pink!

Lancaster Comforting Cleansing Milk; $35; at

Indulge in this calorie free candy confection for your nails!
 Pink is such a classic nail color that you can wear with anything in
your wardrobe.

ASTOR Sweet Bubble Gum Polish; $2.99 at

A shimmery clear gloss is the perfect gloss for every day when I'm out running errands. It's really versatile because you can add it to any color you already have on your lips to make your smile sparkle.

Stay Glossy Long Lasting Lipgloss [Infinitely Pretty]; at

I love the smell of this sweet snow body wash set. There's even an ornament that comes with the packaging!

Philosophy Snow Angel Shower Gel; $6; at

The key to a long-lasting, beautiful manicure is a healthy nail so keep yours in check with the OPI nail strengthener.

OPI Natural Nail Strengther; $7.50; at

Give your manicure some extra texture with a white crackle coating that will be so cute to rock during the first snow storm of the season!

OPI White Texture Coat; $6.99; at

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