This Color-Changing Hair Dye Transforms Your Hair When You Blush

This Color-Changing Hair Dye Transforms Your Hair When You Blush
Photo: ImaxTree

In case you missed it, the ‘90s are back in a majorly huge way, with chokers, space buns, and holographic everything infiltrating social media feeds and your little sister’s Facebook. And now, history has hit the hair world, namely in the form of color-changing hair dye that turns your hair into a mood ring based on the temps around it.

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Credit: Instagram | @theunseenalchemist

The hair dye is the project of Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen, a London-based product-development company. Basically, Bowker mixes science with “art, design, and performance,” according to her somewhat trippy website, to create magically innovative products that seriously feel like a Harry Potter dream.

According to Forbes, Bowker (who refers to herself as a “material alchemist”) took inspiration from cult-classic movie The Craft, in which one of the main characters casts a spell to change her hair color. But unlike in the movie, this color-changing dye isn’t magic—it’s science. The semi-permanent dye contains thermochromatic ink that’s responsive to a person’s environment, which includes hot air, a gust of cold wind, and even blushing. “It’s quite whimsical,” said Bowker. “It’s what your body is going through expressed on your hair.”

Sadly, you can’t just pick up the dye at your local Walgreens. Though it launches in partnership with Storm Models at London Fashion Week this weekend, it isn’t yet available to buy in stores. Which means we’ll have to keep stalking their Instagram feed, entranced by the images, until we can finally try it out on ourselves. And yes, if we had mood rings on right now, they’d all be blue with sadness.


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