Cold Weather Cures For Dry Skin

Cold weather cures for dry skin

Follow this advice to get glowing skin, even in the winter.
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Brrrr! It’s getting cold out there, and as the weather starts to turn and the air gets chillier, it’s time to change up your beauty routine to keep your skin hydrated and fresh looking.

Between the frigid air and the dryness from all the heaters and hot showers, your complexion can become extremely parched. It doesn’t hurt to add a little moisture to the air when you sleep, so buy a humidifier to keep a little steamy goodness in your atmosphere at night.

Rid your face and body from dry flaky patches by exfoliating a few times each week. Use warm, not hot, water in the shower and lather up with a good creamy body wash like Organix Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Oil Body Wash ($7.99, On the face, try Skinceuticals Cleansing Cream ($30, Next, take a handful of white sugar and buff and scrub your skin in circular motions to rid yourself of scaliness. When you dry off, your skin you will be super smooth, so now is the time to lock in moisture with oil like Ligne St. Barth Coconut Dry Oil ($45, I smooth this one on, and then apply a rich body lotion like Korres Guava Body Butter ($29, on top and the combo of coconut and guava makes my skin smell so yummy.

On your face, switch from light lotions to heavier creams to up the hydration factor. I’m never without my Crème De La Mer ($150, for extra richness in the winter.

If you want smooth and supple lips in the winter, you need to stay away from long wearing lipsticks and crayons and forgo the stains and pencils, which will only lead to more hydration loss. Instead go for sheer, moist lipsticks and tinted balms, and strategically place them all over your life: your purse, nightstand, car console and even your office drawer. I’m addicted to the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments ($22.50, in every shade.

Use cream blushes, shadows and highlighters when doing your makeup instead of powder formulas, as your skin will appear more glowy and silky with the creams. Powders will just make you look chalky and drier during the drier winter months. I’m loving the Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24 HR Cream Gel Shadow ($6.99, for eyes because the colors are incredible and the crease-free staying power for a cream is off the charts.

What are you winter fixes for dry skin?