News: Coco Rocha’s Model-Approved Workout; Birchbox’s New Product Line

Victoria Moorhouse
coco rocha workout

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Model and new mom Coco Rocha revealed all her post-baby workout secrets in a recent interview, including her all-time favorite form of fitness (it’s a good one!) and the one grueling—but super effective—workout move she absolutely hates. [Byrdie]

Birchbox, the monthly beauty box subscription service, is finally launching its very own line of makeup—here’s what you can expect. [StyleCaster]

Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing the very same cat-eye trick that Marilyn Monroe claimed as her signature. The eye-opening liner technique is pretty genius and definitely makes for a memorable look. Clearly. [Marie Claire]

A new study reassess the unfortunate health-risks of sitting—you know, what you’re doing every day from 9-5 (or more) if you’re working a desk job. Surprisingly, “sitting” may not be the biggest issue. [Elle]