Instagram Insta-Glam: Get Inspired By These Flower Styles For Coachella

Victoria Moorhouse

Flower crowns are to Coachella as glittery makeup is to New Year’s Eve. It’s a staple to the spring music festival scene—and a really pretty, whimsical one that is the perfect touch to curly tendrils and braids, at that. Since you’re probably not going to be wearing blooms in your hair on the reg, unless you’re in a ton of weddings this summer or just really love nature, you might as well embrace it!

Real or faux, these petals can be worn as headbands, halos that tie in the back with ribbons, or even just as embellished pins, discreetly tucked into your hair. Whether they’re headed to a music festival or not, Instagram users have proved they can take a bouquet and make it work with just about any type of hair color or style. Use this gallery as a guide to your next Coachella-inspired look, or at the very least, an excuse to play into the hair accessory trend that runway beauty teams seem to love so dearly.

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