There’s Now a Diet to Help Girls Get Skinny for Coachella

File this under predictable: There’s now a diet that girls are following to get skinny for Coachella.

coachelladiet Theres Now a Diet to Help Girls Get Skinny for Coachella

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If you follow pop culture, you’ll know that the once-standard music festival has morphed into a de facto Fashion Week populated by editors, brands, publications (ours included), and lots and lots (and lots) of bloggers, all of whom swap their typical street style label-heavy outfits for obvious crop tops, cutoffs, flower crowns, and bikini tops. In and of itself, that’s not too problematic—it’s kind of like dressing in costume—but it seems the Coachella image has trumped the actual event.

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That wasn’t always the case, 22-year-old Kyla Rae, a seven-time festival vet and college student told Well + Good NYC. “There’s more competition style-wise now. The number of Coachella virgins increases every year, and, if anything, they’re really into the image aspect.” 

Obviously, said image aspect is spurred by social media—a cool Coachella Instagram shot is way more important looking and feeling your best in the moment—and attendees know it, clearly treating the desert jaunt with the type of get-fit preparation one might employ for a beach vacation.

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“I don’t change my diet as much as I exercise more before it. I’ll do more yoga, SoulCycle, and Physique 57 classes. I step up on the late nights of dancing to get in the practice, too,” Rae said.

According to Well + Good, Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom—the founders of rock-and-roll exercise regimen Pound Rockout Workout—claim their clients bump up their exercise agenda as Coachella approaches, which is why they introduced  “Cut by Coachella,” a 30-day competition that includes a workout calendar and prizes for participants.

Not surprisingly, there’s also the satirical Twitter handle @coachelladiet that parodies what the festival has become, although it does shine light on some not-so-great practices (not eating, doing drugs to be skinny, desperation) that some earnest, easily influenced festival-goers could take to heart, which—to be fair—makes a few extra hours of exercise look like a very smart choice in comparison.


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